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Turntables and high-end amplifiers

Top-class high-end equipment made to order and tailored to customer needs – audiophile analog turntables and tube amplifiers Class A high power amplifiers. Sonorus audiophile equipment is made with craft methods, with attention to every detail that can affect both the reception of sound and the overall aesthetic experience.

Turntables Sonorus Primus is a solution for people who particularly appreciate the purity of sound experience. Its high weight makes it absolutely stable and not subject to the influence of external vibrations. Thanks to the possibility of using the two-arm structure, it allows the use of various types of cartridge – depending on the user’s preferences. Sonorus amplifiers were made only with the use of valves – with the exception of the power supply they are completely free of semiconductors. Our own production transformers are made of high quality German sheets and stabilized by pouring them with an impregnating substance, which significantly reduces the production of undesirable vibrations.

High End Turntables recommended to the professionals.

Our products are tailored to the needs of people who want to develop their hobbies, as well as professionals looking for good quality equipment. Sonorus products are distinguished by a great performance.