Speaker Cables

The Sonorus loudspeaker cables have separated hot and reverse wires. This solution allowed to eliminate the harmful influence of electromagnetic fields on the signal flowing between the amplifier and speakers, as well as to minimize losses resulting from vibrations of wires. For their production, high-quality OFC copper with a purity of 99.9999% (6N) has been used. The cables have a special construction distinguishing several thicknesses of wires for low, medium and high tones.

Audiophile speaker cables have a huge impact on the sound of audio equipment and the level of device security. The cables are exposed to high load. For this reason, the connected cables are not allowed to be folded into a loop – the risk of producing energy that is a source of heat then appears. The correct operation and long life of audiophile speaker cables is influenced by certain parameters, first of all: the construction of the conductor itself, its length and thickness (affecting, among others, voltage drop), type of ending ( for instance gold or silver covered forks) and thick insulation . It is worth knowing that the direction of connection of the audiophile speaker cable should be consistent with the direction of pulling the conductors. On most cables special markings have been placed, informing about the end of the cable to be connected, for example, to the column. If there are no arrows or other signs, it means that the inscriptions on the outer sheath of the cable must be compatible with the direction of the signal flow.

Ends to choose from: -CMC Swiss Cu plates covered with silver

CMC Swiss Cu forks covered with gold

Other connectors on request

Standard cable lengths: 2x2m, 2 × 2.5m, 2x3m

Other lengths on request