Sonorus Monoblock 845 Power Amplifier

Each audio tube amplifier we offer is new, unused and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The equipment was made of high quality materials and components that ensure long life and functionality of the device. The so-called. The valves are extremely intuitive to use.

For each model, however, there is an instruction containing the most important information specific to a given model, including target values ​​or acceptable spread in bias setting

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Why is it worth choosing tube amplifiers from a Polish producer?

Even in the sixties of the last century, tube amplifiers were commonly used, but were quickly replaced by transistor amplifiers. Recently, however, they are coming back to grace and are enjoying more and more popularity. This is mainly due to the properties and benefits offered, in particular high-quality sound. Due to this undeniable advantage, this type of products are considered to be equipment intended for real audiophiles. Polish tube amplifiers provide a sound that is much fuller, better saturated, warmer and more dynamic than the one found in transistor amplifiers. In addition, they work linearly without having to use negative feedback. Devices of this type are resistant to changes in voltage and overload, as well as are characterized by greater dynamics than standard systems with transistor. Their parameters are independent of temperature, and the output transformer effectively protects the speakers in case of possible damage to the valve.

What else is worth knowing about the tube amplifiers we offer?

The equipment we offer is safe and convenient to use. Some (especially household members with pets or small children) may be worried about the heating of the tubes rather strongly. Indeed, during work they become hot, but no more than standard light bulbs. Our amplifiers are equipped with special tube housings, protecting them against accidental contact.

Importantly, the amplifiers should replace the lamps from time to time. Fortunately, their lifespan is usually several thousand hours and depends on the manufacturer and type of tube. With medium use of the equipment for several hours during the day, the lamps will last for about 4-6 years. The exchange itself is not complicated and every owner or user of the amplifier will easily manage this task. One should only remember to exchange them in the device turned off and cooled down, delicate movements, without using a lot of force.

When deciding to buy a tube amplifier, it is also worth knowing what exactly means the power possessed by this device. It is expressed in watts and can be “only” a dozen or several dozen watts (depending on the model), while in amplifiers with transistors it can sometimes reach several hundred watts. However, due to the much better dynamics, tube amplifiers, despite their lower power, can play much louder than much stronger transistor equipment.

In addition, the sound quality itself is incomparably better. This amplifier makes the music coming out of it is climatic, warm, with a soul. Thanks to the so-called Dynamic compression, loud sounds are a bit silenced, and the quietest remain unchanged, which results in a change in the dynamics of recordings manifested by the ability to hear even the smallest rustling, reflections or other sounds that took place in the studio while recording the album. This allows for a real sense of the real atmosphere of recordings, which transistor amplifiers were not able to offer. A standard transistor amplifier will never achieve such good parameters as a tube device.

Sonorus Monoblock 845 Power Amplifier

Pure class A – on triodes 845

It has been designed for fans of super-sound sensations, especially those who would like to get very good sound quality at a reasonable price. The construction does not contain any semiconductor elements or commonly used pentode valves, which bring to the process of reproduction a large number of disturbances in the form of cacophonous sounding harmonics. However, it uses only the highest quality triodes, including 845 power triodes connected in parallel. Thanks to such a solution, the nonlinear distortions inevitably associated with the reproduction process assume the shape of even harmonic that enhance the human ear, enriching the melodic line of the song being played. This provides to the listener with an absolutely unique quality of experience related to the reception of music sound.

single-ended, parallel, Pure Class A, all Triode front end

Giving approx 55 Watts rms of Pure Class A each

Load impedance
4, 8, 16 Ohm

Input: 1 X RCA

input impedance
100 kOhm/50 pF

Negative feedback: 0 dB

Bandwidth: 12 Hz / 30 kHz – 3 dB

E182CC/7044, 300B, 2x 845B precisely matched for best performance

845 DC heating for max life and max reliability

Power consumption:
350 W each

Size in cm W28, D47, H27, 32kg each

Speaker transformers used in the amplifier were made by us from the best sheets imported from Germany. They provide an optimal frequency response, perfectly transferring both low and high frequencies. Flooded with impregnating substances do not cause additional undesirable vibrations.

There are capacitors that are much larger than the standard capacity. All incandescence voltages are stabilized, which avoids the transmission of mains hums and improves tube life. Lamps 845 in the Sonorus amplifier have a bias of around -195V with an anode current of 65mA and an anode voltage of 1250V, while a 300B lamp has a bias of -56V.

START SEQUENCE soft-start, extending lamp life

LACK OF semiconductor ELEMENTS in the signal path

SHORT signal path

A system with high current efficiency, low output impedance, lamps operating in the best range of gain curves

SIMPLIFIED amplification circuit, raising the reliability of the amplifier

MINIMIZED cabling, raising the level of signal transmission

HIGH CLASS passive elements