Sonorus Minor Signature Turntable

The Sonorus Minor Signature Turntable is a high-end analog turntable designed for amateurs of audiophile sensations and high-end playing equipment.

The aluminum plate of this turntable has a diameter of 300 mm and weighs about 21 kg. Such a high weight ensures very high rotation stability.

The plate is mainly suspended on neodymium magnets, which effectively minimizes friction resistance and significantly reduces the vibrations of the disc itself and the influence of external vibrations (for example from loudspeakers).

The disc’s axis is constructed in a way characteristic for Sonorus Turntable. It is made of surface hardened steel, and at the top there is a ceramic ball. On which the aluminum cylinder with bronze bushings rests, very precisely aligned with the axis. Thanks to the use of neodymium magnets, the effective weight of the platter drops to approx. 1-2 kg, which significantly reduces friction resistance.

The disc drive is a synchronous AC motor connected to it by means of a belt, stabilized with quartz.

The plate can rotate at two speeds – 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.

The 12-inch arm is made of carbon fiber and chrome-plated brass.

For amateurs there is also a luxury version – arm on the wrist made of gold-plated brass.

The design of the articulated arm includes ball bearings thanks to which the arm achieves great precision of movement. This solution also allows to minimize friction resistance. The base of the arm is a polished aluminum cylinder with two RCA sockets available and a ground socket.

You can install a 10-inch arm.

The design of the arm gives the possibility to use cartridges weighing from 4 g to 15 g. You can use both MM and MC cartridge.

The base of the Turntable is made of a glued aluminum-granite plate equipped with magnetic stanchions.

The weight of the entire structure is approx. 55 kg.