Sonorus Primus Turntable

The Sonorus Primus Turntable is a top-shelf hardware solution. It is an analog high-end audiophile turntable built on a granite slab with a weight of approx. 35 kg, which ensures the highest stability. Such a large weight of the construction base extremely effectively reduces the vibrations coming from the engine, as well as from any other sound sources.

The granite base plate is based on stanchions equipped with a system that dampens the influence of external vibrations.

Made of aluminum, the Sonorus Primus Turntable has a diameter of 300 mm and its weight is about 21 kg. The weight of the platter gives it extraordinary rotation stability.

The suspension of the disc is based mainly on neodymium magnets, which allows to effectively reduce the frictional resistance, as well as significantly reduce the vibrations of the plate and the influence of external vibrations (for example from loudspeakers).

The disc’s axis is made of surface-hardened steel. On top of it there is a ceramic ball, on which the bronze cylinder rests, very precisely aligned with the axis. The turntable is rotating on this waltz and with it. Thanks to the neodymium magnets, the effective weight of the platter drops to approx. 1 kg, which significantly reduces friction resistance. It is also possible to remove the ball and obtain a levitating plate, which further reduces the resistance associated with friction.

The disc drive is a synchronous DC motor connected to it by means of a belt, stabilized with quartz.

The drive system is located outside the base of the gramophone, which eliminates the transfer of vibrations from this system to the cartridge.

There are two speeds of the disc rotation – 33 1/3 and 45 / min.

The 12-inch arm is made of anodized aluminum with an effective weight of approx. 14 g. The arm joint is equipped with ball bearings, which gives great precision in motion and allows to minimize frictional resistance. The arm rests on a solid base made of anodized aluminum, stiffly fixed on a granite slab.

It is possible to install a second arm with a length of 10 or 12 inches.

The design of the arm gives the possibility to use cartridges weighing from 4 g to 15 g. You can use both MM and MC cartridges.

Dimensions – 45cm x 50cm x 35cm

The weight of the whole structure is approx. 70 kg.